I’m actually being productive.

I can’t believe it. Today, I jump started a car for the first time BY MYSELF, and now I just wrote a poem! I’m on a roll, baby. But anyways, here’s a quick update for the millions of viewers I pretend I have. And it’s in a list format!

1. I’ll be getting on here more often. Poetry, funny stuff, you name it.

2. My new life goal is to be Iron Man.

3. Because my new life goal is to be Iron Man, I have to focus on my studies more and start some real time management.

4. I have to read Invisible Man. Somebody, force me to do that.

5. I’m going to be one of the leads in an upcoming musical! Marmee, from Little Women. Fun, fun.

Well, there you go. Enjoy. Here’s a picture of Robert Downey Jr. for your viewing pleasure.

High five, bro.