You Can Tell a Lot About a Person by the Way They Eat a Cupcake.

So, for my birthday this year I was given a freakin awesome present. I’m not gonna lie. It’s soooo great. I got a laptop!

Which means more blogging! Woot!

But anyways, today I was cleaning the kitchen and listening to music, when I became a tad hungry. So I ate a cupcake. And it made me think a little bit. About how people eat their cupcakes in different ways. I know it’s dumb, but i’m home alone, which is usually when I come up with these ridiculous ideas. It also occurred to me that if you were creepin in a bakery or cupcake shop watching people eat their cupcakes, you could tell a lot about that person just by how they choose to eat their cupcake. So then I came up with a list of ways to eat a cupcake and how that is in relation to a person’s personality.

1. All At Once. These people just shove the entire cupcake into their mouth, sometimes not even removing the wrapper. They are probably a little immature, but also really nice and fun to be around. Or they are just in a hurry…

2. Only The Icing. These people just lick the icing off and leave the cake. Most likely a child. They are carefree and not worried about the future, and have a certain sweetness about them.

3. Only The Cake. These people wipe off the icing and only eat the cake. They are probably focused on the future, and maybe a bit worrisome. These people are hard workers and won’t let you down. I imagine the kind of people who only eat the icing would be bothersome to these people.

4. With A Fork. This one is kind of self-explanatory, so i’ll save myself the trouble. These people are either polite or high-and-mighty. You can usually tell by their facial expressions if they are one or the other. They most likely care a lot about other people’s opinions.

5. A Bite At A Time, Frosting And All. This would probably be the standard way to eat a cupcake, but I wouldn’t say it’s the standard person. These people enjoy the little things, and like to have fun. They also think logically, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

There are probably a million different ways to eat a cupcake, and I could probably pass them off as some sort of cupcake horoscope. But I won’t. Unless anyone wants me too, which I highly doubt. Anyways, i’ll end this now before anyone gets too bored.



Why Facebook Is The Devil’s Spawn

Facebook is the spawn of Satan.

Why, you ask?

Ha. Many reasons of course!

I personally have a facebook, and I probably won’t be getting rid of it any time soon, no matter how much I complain. However I will refrain from using it as much as possible. Today I got on after about a month or so, just to check up on things, and shock! Nothing going on. Which doesn’t bother me. What does bother me, however, is the toll that it takes on my self esteem. Now, this isn’t some cry cry wah my life isn’t as interesting as yours bull. But facebook just makes you feel bad. I mean, you get on, and you see everyone having fun together liking and chatting and commenting whoopdee wee! But then you think of something really clever, post it, and nothing. Or even worse, let’s say you post on someone’s wall, really nice and fun and junk, just to see ten hours later they made a new status and posted on other people’s wall and completely ignored yours. Now, what probably happened was, “Hey, there’s my friend. Oh gosh, I have stuff to do… I’ll get to it later, or say hi at school.” No big deal right? No. Big deal. Because when that happens, your mind switches to “OH GOD THEY HATE ME.” Then you sit there for however long until some form of communication connecting you to that person pops up, all the while thinking in pure agony that your friend hates you. Then you also have to deal with relationship statuses, and those annoying little fights that happen between those two chicks you’re friends with because you know them, but you never talk to them, and enemies that you’re too chicken to defriend. And spending hours and hours on your profile liking music and movies and all kinds of things, just so your two stalkers will think you’re cool. And stalking a guy/ girl you like for six hours and kicking yourself over and over again for doing it, because they have any form of contact with the opposite gender. Oh, and getting on after a month and finding that you have maybe two notifications and nary a friend request. It’s just a great big mixture for stress in general, which is why I never get on anymore. Now I realize that this makes me sound like a complete psychopath with zero confidence and/or self esteem, but that’s really not the case. Everybody has those days when you feel like crap, and if you don’t, more power to you. I find that facebook is a leading cause of teenage angste. Though on those good days, it’ll make you feel amazing, which is probably why we continually use it. But I’ve found that I’m happier without it. I know I have friends, because I talk to people, and people talk to me. And granted, it’s a little more difficult to find out about upcoming events, but you know, I don’t need a social network to connect to my people. Especially when it takes your self esteem by the neck and punches it repeatedly in the face. I’m not protesting facebook or anything, because that would be idiotic, and hell, if you like it you like it. But listing off my reasons for sheer hatred of it is quite helpful to me, and it’s also a good topic for this blog that I never get on. So thank you facebook, for being I giant pimple on the face of society. May you die away in shame, just like myspace before you. You know, eventually. And I hear pinterest is getting ever more popular, so enjoy that.