I Will Blog, Gosh Darnit.

I need to start this thing.

Granted, I have a good excuse for not doing it, considering I have no Internet, but i’m still being lazy about it.

Anyways, this is my blog. And I’ve no idea what I shall fill it with, considering I’m a lazy bum who won’t give ten minutes to type words. But I’ll just continuously type until a purpose appears.

In relation to what I am doing right now, I am lying in bed watching That 70’s Show, and suffering from some unidentified illness that has decided to plague me on the week of Thanksgiving. Oh, nope, nevermind. Now I’m watching Family Guy. But anyways, I am devastatingly bored. There are sooooo many things that I could be doing right now other than this, things that would probably be quite helpful. But no, I’ll just lie here in utter agony as some sort of virus slowly eats away at my insides. Oh well. I really should be knitting right now, or swimming, or reading about quantum mechanics. But instead I sit here and melt my brain with hours of tv. Ah. This is my life.