New Year’s, New Posts, and a New Me (JK not really, that’s way too dramatic)

There are so many things I would like to do with this blog, and so many things I would like to do with my life in general. But it’s not what I want to do that’s the problem, it’s how I shall accomplish those things. Like, for instance, i’d like to make this blog completely humor like The Oatmeal or Hyperbole & A Half. But unfortunately i’m selfish and I like to shove my life story down people’s throats. Well… not exactly. But I do tend to fill this thing up with personal things. And it occurs to me that my life isn’t funny enough for me to explain everyday on this thing… But i’ll probably attempt at it later. This post gave me a really great idea…

Anyways, point is, there are a lot of things I want to do. And now that it’s Christmas break, it’s a good time to change some things. Pick up some good habits and what not. Maybe grow up a little.

I’ll be working out on a regular basis, on my own. Key words: on my own. I work out on a semi regular basis because of swim team, but it still occurs to me that I am a lazy bum. I don’t know why i’m even typing this, but it occurs to me that if I say it enough, maybe i’ll actually do it. I’m also considering giving up all drinks but water for all of next year, for my New Year’s resolution. A good friend of mine did it. Then again, he probably has craploads more self-control than I do. But i’m considering it. The health benefits would be massive, i’m assuming. I wonder if I could have milk in my cereal….

Here’s a picture of a glass of water for absolutely no one’s benefit.

I almost had a heart attack. I thought my post had been deleted. But.. it didn’t…

Anyways, writing this gave me a great idea for a decently funny post. So I will be working on that tomorrow. And…. I’m gonna write a poem. Maybe. If I ever get enough inspiration. Some people are so good at it. But i’m excited, because i’ll be taking AP Lang next semester, and that should force me to take in some culture.


One comment on “New Year’s, New Posts, and a New Me (JK not really, that’s way too dramatic)

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