I’m a Lazy Bum Who Can’t Even Keep Up With a Blog

It’s not that hard to keep up with a blog. I don’t even have to have a computer to do it. And yet after the initial excitement of actually creating the blog, I won’t take ten minutes out of my day to write a short, possibly humorous post. Luckily, since there was positively nothing at all going on on facebook or Twitter, I summoned the will power to start writing. Pointlessly, at that. I mean really, do you see a point in this post? I don’t and I’m writing it. That’s a slight dilemma. But the problem is, I have a deathly case of writer’s block. I honestly can’t remember the last time I wrote a poem, and I used to write them all the time. And I’m never happy with my work. I can’t help it. Any time I write or draw something, the second I finish, I start looking for errors. And I find them, and it’s dreadful to think that I am no good at what I love. Unfortunately this means I will never be a writer, or a singer, or an artist. I’d love to, but you can’t be in the arts and be as confident as a suicide bomber. Ok, that was pretty dark, and I apologize… But all things aside, I’m going to try writing again. I don’t expect to make a career out of it or anything. I’ll probably end up being an engineer. But I want to write. And I’ll try. Now to go find a muse….


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