Resolutions, So Maybe 2012 Won’t be as Disorganized as Every Other Year.

Well, New Year’s is fast approaching and I honestly didn’t realize it until today. I’m terrible with dates and times and whatnot, so it’s to be expected, but still. Since i’ve been terrible at updating this thing, i’m making this post to make my blog a bit more active and maybe sort out a few thoughts. I still haven’t really figured what my New Year’s Resolutions are, so i’m going to do that right now. You know, if my brain ever starts working.

1. Get better at the ukulele and finally do a two-hour set at the coffee shop. I really want to get good at the ukulele, so I need to start practicing more. Everyday, if I can. Also, there is a coffee shop downtown that I like to perform at on Open Mic Night, but i’ve never done a two-hour set because I chicken out, even though they have asked me a few times. But I will do it this year! Really.

2. Save at least $10 a month. I’m really truly terrible at saving money. Even though I need money for a trip to Europe and college. But darn me, I can’t help it when I see a freakin pair of shoes. But this year, I will save ten dollars a month, and I am NOT allowed to spend any of it. It is for COLLEGE. Get that through your head, Savannah.

3. Get all A’s. I know that is the clichéd resolution, but I will be getting all A’s so I can get into Tech. I have to start thinking about my future unfortunately.

4. Drink only clear liquid. I know this one is completely ridiculous. But it limits me to water and sprite. Which means I will be healthier and my teeth shant get stained with coffee and coke and whatnot. I may allow myself one colored drink a month though. Because Starbucks is cruel.

5. Try writing again. I’ve pretty much given up on writing. But I want to so badly. So i’m going to try again, and maybe i’ll like my work. I’m reading this book “Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke. It’s really good, and I think it’ll help me write. Combining that with the movie “Midnight in Paris”, and I am completely ready to start writing again. I highly suggest you read/watch both of those. Both very good.

I can’t really think of anything else honestly…. clean and whatnot. Uhh…. Yeah, that’s about it. I love fresh starts, but I don’t know. I’m not so sure about 2012. I have a weird feeling about it. Not like an “I’m gonna die.” feeling. More like i’m not gonna have a good year. But we’ll see. This year will bring the start of my Senior year and my 18th birthday, so it’s gotta be good. I’m just a pessimist.


6. Stop being a pessimist.


New Year’s, New Posts, and a New Me (JK not really, that’s way too dramatic)

There are so many things I would like to do with this blog, and so many things I would like to do with my life in general. But it’s not what I want to do that’s the problem, it’s how I shall accomplish those things. Like, for instance, i’d like to make this blog completely humor like The Oatmeal or Hyperbole & A Half. But unfortunately i’m selfish and I like to shove my life story down people’s throats. Well… not exactly. But I do tend to fill this thing up with personal things. And it occurs to me that my life isn’t funny enough for me to explain everyday on this thing… But i’ll probably attempt at it later. This post gave me a really great idea…

Anyways, point is, there are a lot of things I want to do. And now that it’s Christmas break, it’s a good time to change some things. Pick up some good habits and what not. Maybe grow up a little.

I’ll be working out on a regular basis, on my own. Key words: on my own. I work out on a semi regular basis because of swim team, but it still occurs to me that I am a lazy bum. I don’t know why i’m even typing this, but it occurs to me that if I say it enough, maybe i’ll actually do it. I’m also considering giving up all drinks but water for all of next year, for my New Year’s resolution. A good friend of mine did it. Then again, he probably has craploads more self-control than I do. But i’m considering it. The health benefits would be massive, i’m assuming. I wonder if I could have milk in my cereal….

Here’s a picture of a glass of water for absolutely no one’s benefit.

I almost had a heart attack. I thought my post had been deleted. But.. it didn’t…

Anyways, writing this gave me a great idea for a decently funny post. So I will be working on that tomorrow. And…. I’m gonna write a poem. Maybe. If I ever get enough inspiration. Some people are so good at it. But i’m excited, because i’ll be taking AP Lang next semester, and that should force me to take in some culture.

You Can Tell a Lot About a Person by the Way They Eat a Cupcake.

So, for my birthday this year I was given a freakin awesome present. I’m not gonna lie. It’s soooo great. I got a laptop!

Which means more blogging! Woot!

But anyways, today I was cleaning the kitchen and listening to music, when I became a tad hungry. So I ate a cupcake. And it made me think a little bit. About how people eat their cupcakes in different ways. I know it’s dumb, but i’m home alone, which is usually when I come up with these ridiculous ideas. It also occurred to me that if you were creepin in a bakery or cupcake shop watching people eat their cupcakes, you could tell a lot about that person just by how they choose to eat their cupcake. So then I came up with a list of ways to eat a cupcake and how that is in relation to a person’s personality.

1. All At Once. These people just shove the entire cupcake into their mouth, sometimes not even removing the wrapper. They are probably a little immature, but also really nice and fun to be around. Or they are just in a hurry…

2. Only The Icing. These people just lick the icing off and leave the cake. Most likely a child. They are carefree and not worried about the future, and have a certain sweetness about them.

3. Only The Cake. These people wipe off the icing and only eat the cake. They are probably focused on the future, and maybe a bit worrisome. These people are hard workers and won’t let you down. I imagine the kind of people who only eat the icing would be bothersome to these people.

4. With A Fork. This one is kind of self-explanatory, so i’ll save myself the trouble. These people are either polite or high-and-mighty. You can usually tell by their facial expressions if they are one or the other. They most likely care a lot about other people’s opinions.

5. A Bite At A Time, Frosting And All. This would probably be the standard way to eat a cupcake, but I wouldn’t say it’s the standard person. These people enjoy the little things, and like to have fun. They also think logically, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

There are probably a million different ways to eat a cupcake, and I could probably pass them off as some sort of cupcake horoscope. But I won’t. Unless anyone wants me too, which I highly doubt. Anyways, i’ll end this now before anyone gets too bored.


I’m a Lazy Bum Who Can’t Even Keep Up With a Blog

It’s not that hard to keep up with a blog. I don’t even have to have a computer to do it. And yet after the initial excitement of actually creating the blog, I won’t take ten minutes out of my day to write a short, possibly humorous post. Luckily, since there was positively nothing at all going on on facebook or Twitter, I summoned the will power to start writing. Pointlessly, at that. I mean really, do you see a point in this post? I don’t and I’m writing it. That’s a slight dilemma. But the problem is, I have a deathly case of writer’s block. I honestly can’t remember the last time I wrote a poem, and I used to write them all the time. And I’m never happy with my work. I can’t help it. Any time I write or draw something, the second I finish, I start looking for errors. And I find them, and it’s dreadful to think that I am no good at what I love. Unfortunately this means I will never be a writer, or a singer, or an artist. I’d love to, but you can’t be in the arts and be as confident as a suicide bomber. Ok, that was pretty dark, and I apologize… But all things aside, I’m going to try writing again. I don’t expect to make a career out of it or anything. I’ll probably end up being an engineer. But I want to write. And I’ll try. Now to go find a muse….